Your power just got smarter

Cummins advanced computing hardware, giving you direct access to limitless possibilities.

Deeper data leads to better insights

Acumen hardware connects you directly to FiberRed®, Cummins’ digital technology platform complete with apps, service integrations, product enhancements and more. Tap into Acumen and FiberRed to take advantage of exclusive digital features, firmware updates, and new capability releases, all while gaining direct line of sight into your equipment’s performance.



The power of Acumen

0 Ghz Processor Speed


0 GB Storage

0 G LTE Connectivity

Built to think,
installed to last

Depending on your equipment and industry, Acumen is available in different models and offers multiple robust installation methods to fit your vehicle or machine. From first-fit installation to aftermarket solutions, Acumen’s innovative advanced analytics capabilities and telematics options are engineered within dependable hardware that’s proven to perform under the toughest conditions.

Make the most of your equipment

Employ Acumen to manage your assets remotely using Cummins’ FiberRed platform and apps that use telematics and over-the-air programming to support you throughout the life of your equipment. 

Powered by FiberRed®

Predicting the future starts today

Tap into Acumen to have direct access to Cummins' digital technology platform, FiberRed.

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