Aftermarket & Remanufacturing

Cummins ReCon® remanufactures and supplies a variety of fully reconditioned components to factory controlled specifications for engine remanufacturing and field service needs. By integrating the new product and remanufacturing businesses, Cummins offers a more affordable and high quality alternative to purchasing new parts.

Cummins guarantees your fuel system parts are remanufactured to the latest Cummins specifications. This is vital because ongoing product upgrades continue to deliver even greater reliability, fuel economy and performance.

Cummins maintains a Remanufactured-Not Rebuilt attitude. Unlike many rebuilders who simply "fix-what's-broken" or "clean-and-calibrate," Cummins ReCon fuel pumps and injectors are completely remanufactured. In fact, every ReCon fuel pump and injector is totally disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and carefully inspected using the latest technology. Rather than the abrasive, destructive cleaning processes commonly found in local rebuild shops, Cummins employs a five step state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning process. This technology removes foreign matter without removing any metal. Because performance is directly related to precision, high resolution gauges measure tolerances within five millionths of an inch.

During the remanufacturing process, individual components of parts that cannot be restored to Cummins exact specifications are scrapped and replaced with new Genuine Cummins Parts. For greater durability, critical wear parts such as bearings and seals are always replaced on every unit regardless of condition. Computer-controlled test stands guarantee precise calibration to the latest Cummins performance specifications. This is your assurance that Cummins ReCon fuel pumps will deliver optimum fuel economy, durability and power.

Available Remanufactured Products:

  • Cummins Electronic Control Modules

  • Cummins PT/STC Injectors

  • Cummins CELECT Injectors & Actuators

  • Cummins High Pressure Injection (HPI) Injectors & Actuators

  • Cummins CAPS Pumps & Modules

  • Bosch Mid-range Injectors

  • Cummins Common Rail Pumps


Reman Injector Features

  • A complete line of MidRange, Heavy-Duty, and High Horsepower injectors

  • Factory remanufactured, not just repaired or rebuilt

  • Not only looks good but performs to OEM specifications

  • 100% replacement of critical wear parts

  • Tested in our factory for optimum reliability, durability and performance - We never use your engine to test our products

  • No hidden core billbacks, no surprise charges - You know the total cost upfront

  • Global warranty

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