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On road and off, commercial and industrial, Cummins is the driving force behind the world’s most innovative low carbon energy-powered vehicles and applications—equipped to power all your needs, large and small.

Applications around the globe

We’re committed to making the biggest impact, with the smallest footprint. Our leading battery-electric and hydrogen applications are here to reliably and responsibly power your world—no matter where you need to go.


From all-electric school buses to hydrogen fuel cell-powered urban transit, Cummins has the most advanced lineup of low-carbon-emission transportation to make the places we live even more livable.

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We know your freights need to get there. That’s why our robust electric and hydro trucks—ranging from heavy-duty to medium to light—deliver unprecedented performance without compromise.

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The future of clean rails is here. Cummins is collaborating with transit operators to power a global transition to a low-carbon transport system.

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Boats and Ports.
Boats & Ports

Cummins is leading the way for major commercial ports and marine vessels to decrease and manage their environmental impact.

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Off Highway.

Cummins is developing the next generation of electrified systems to improve the tough working conditions of off-highway markets by reducing vehicle-emission exposure.

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Stationary Power.
Stationary Power

Cummins is setting the standard with industry-leading fuel cells to provide reliable critical power and secure back-up power.

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Charging ahead.

Charging ahead

Cummins provides the entire electrified solution—from zero-emission transportation systems that can fully-charge in under eight hours to critical components like expertly integrated battery packs. The result is maximum performance and power, with reduced motor maintenance, service, and fuel fees.

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Massive potential.

Massive potential

Cummins now offers a complete line of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Modules and compositions for every electric vehicle and power application around the globe. Generating electricity quietly, efficiently, and with zero-carbon emissions, this cleaner energy source has all the practicalities of traditional fuels, but with limitless benefits to better our world.

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