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Cummins customer case studies. Real-world examples of Cummins power.

These customer stories demonstrate our commitment and success in providing customers like you with improved power solutions through world-class innovation in a number of industries. Cummins will partner with you to solve your unique challenges, as we have in this selection of success stories from around the world.

Cummins Engine Plant
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THE CHALLENGE The southern US state of Louisiana is no stranger to hurricanes. In the fall of 2020, it endured its most active storm season ever, including the fiercest storm to make landfall in the state for over 100 years—Hurricane Laura.
Imbued with natural light through large side hull windows, the spacious cabin of the Aquila 54 yacht power catamaran is elegant and comfortable, providing social spaces with panoramic 360° views.
The newest passenger vessel for Fire Island Ferries, the “Fire Island Maid” is powered by Cummins QSL9's, with electrical power provided by a Cummins Onan MDK generator. The vessel operates primarily from Sayville to the fire island pines, taking passengers on an efficient and comfortable journey.
The San Francisco Bay area is one of the world’s finest ports. Ships from around the world enter the Bay under the Golden Gate Bridge. Depending on their destination, they are likely to pass under at least one more of the Bay’s eight toll bridges. Not only do the bridges help both locals and visitors get to the other side of the Bay, but they also allow multiple ships to pass daily to piers throughout the Bay.
洋上石油プラント「FPSO」とは 「FPSO」とは浮体式原油・ガス生産貯蔵積み出し設備(Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessel)の略称。海底から原油や天然ガスをくみ上げ、貯蔵し、輸送タンカーへ積み出す船舶型の設備のことを言います。FPSOを利用することで陸地までのパイプライン敷設が不要になるほか、深海域にも対応できるなどさまざまなメリットがあり、海洋石油生産の場で活躍します。 FPSOは大型で高額のため、その多くが中古タンカーを改造して作られます。日立造船によって2001年に建造された、全長333m、幅60mもの大きさをもつ「Ariake」もその一つ。原油タンカーとして活躍後、最大130万バレルの原油を貯蔵し、日量9万バレルの原油を処理する洋上石油プラントへと生まれ変わりました。   FPSOの動力源となる、カミンズの最強船舶用エンジン FPSOはその作業の特性上、膨大なエネルギーを必要とする船です。主機関をはじめ、船に搭載されていた多くの機器類はそのまま引き継がれますが、それだけでは必要な電力を賄えません。そこで新たに発電機を設置することで、エネルギー需要に対応しています。  
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