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With a growing need to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG), an energy generation system is required on-site that produces both electric power and thermal energy for heat, steam or air conditioning. Cummins cogeneration power solutions can help facilities achieve their GHG reduction goals, improve reliability, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

With decades of experience in cogeneration systems, Cummins has your combined heat and power project covered.

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Have the best of both worlds

With systems powered by natural gas or diesel generator sets, the "waste heat" which would otherwise be dissipated through a cooling system can be captured and utilized for necessary facility processes. By using this heat and making sure it doesn't go to waste, fuel costs and CO2 production can be cut in half while also saving you up to 35 percent on overall energy costs.

hsk78g generator set

Lean-burn gas cogeneration application

HSK78G Gas Generator Series

  • Electrical efficiency—up to 43.5%
  • Thermal efficiency—up to 45.4%

The HSK78 series offers a total package of gas generator capabilities and innovative gas technology for prime and peaking power applications. Designed for durability in extreme weather conditions, the series offers the industry’s longest major overhaul service cycle of 80,000 hours.

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qsk60g gas generator series product

Lean-burn gas cogeneration application

QSK60G Gas Generator Series

  • Electrical efficiency—up to 43.8%
  • Thermal efficiency—up to 46.5%

The QSK60G series is an energy efficient gas generator series offering a total package of gas generator capabilities and innovative gas technology for Prime, Peaking and Standby applications with Cogeneration.

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Cummins advantage

For the best cogeneration solutions, partner with Cummins

We’re more than a provider - we are proud to be your partner. From project design to service and support, we’re right alongside you. Our experience in cogeneration and complex solutions ensures that we can support you from the beginning to incorporate cogeneration solutions in our facilities.

Contact our team so that we can learn more about your project and discuss pricing and options.

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