Commercial Greenhouse Growers

Combined Heat and Power offers greenhouse growers an on-site, independent power system that generates profits and revolutionizes greenhouse efficiencies.

Based on lean-burn, natural gas-powered generators, CHP utilizes nearly every system output through the capture and reuse of waste exhaust heat and carbon dioxide (CO2).Compared to traditional utility- and boiler-powered greenhouses, CHP achieves up to 90 percent energy efficiency and utilization, delivering as high as 30 percent reduction in energy costs – and up to 30 percent increases in yields.

CHP consolidates the following resources for greenhouse growers:

  • Electricity for lights and other greenhouse operations
  • Thermal energy provides on-site heating
  • CO2 fertilization boosts crop production up to 30 percent
  • Surplus energy may be sold back to the local utility

Giving Greenhouse Growers a Competitive Advantage

CHP is the wave of the future for greenhouse growers, giving them an advantage in a competitive environment that calls for more production, more quality and a greener, sustainably sourced product. With our expertise in CHP implementation in greenhouses, Cummins offers growers contractual agreements that allow them to tap into this potential without having to absorb the costs of ownership. By delivering higher quality products from more energy-efficient, fruitful growing techniques, CHP is a win-win scenario for consumers and growers alike. 

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