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Diversity, equity and inclusion

At Cummins, diversity and inclusion is a core company value. Our leaders have long believed that diversity creates a stronger and more competitive work environment, and ultimately helps us attract and retain top talent. Read more on our business case for diversity.

Our best work is teamwork

Every day, our employees embrace our philosophy of inclusion and equity by operating across cultures, functions, language barriers and time zones to solve the technical and logistical challenges created by the complexity of our growing, global business.

Cummins advocating for racial equity

At Cummins, we have a history of standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. Our leaders championed the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and we stood up against Apartheid in the 1980s. Yet, it pains us that we still have such deep-rooted racial and structural inequality in our communities. And it saddens us that despite decades of discussion and promises of change, America has not made enough progress.

To address this and more, we have created the Cummins Advocating for Racial Equity Management Review Group (MRG) which is committed to using our power, resources, voices and our roles as business leaders to create change.

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"I am Black. I am a mother."

“We see our sons and daughters in George Floyd, Dreasjon Reed, Breonna Taylor and so many others. On the other side of our sorrow, anger and despair, we dig deep to unleash our unrelenting commitment to fight injustice, tell our stories and build allies.”

Sharon Barner
Vice President and General Counsel, Cummins Inc.

"We can no longer be silent or sit on the sidelines"

According to Tom Linebarger, Cummins Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, “We each have a role to play in calling for greater accountability from our government, from law enforcement, our neighbors and ourselves. We need to raise the bar and hold ourselves to a higher standard. What we have today is simply not good enough. We need to work together to root out hate and replace it with a deep and abiding appreciation for diversity, equality, and inclusion. It starts with us. And we cannot wait.”

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cummins Inc.

Gender equity at Cummins

Building better workplaces by breaking down barriers

At Cummins we’re committed to empowering women and providing platforms and opportunities for them to succeed and excel. We enact a number of initiatives to increase the representation of women within our business, and bring greater gender balance and equity into our workforce and communities at all levels. Some examples include:

  • Cummins Women in Technology Initiative and Conference
  • Focusing on gender balance during recruitment
  • Reducing the gender pay gap
  • Inspiring the next generations of engineers with a suite of STEM programs designed for girls
  • Empowering women through the through the Cummins Women's Empowerment Network, an employee resource group (ERG)
  • Providing a variety of flexible working arrangements, and enhanced parental benefits including an extended paternity policy
  • Award-winning breastfeeding-friendly facilities/workplaces

Cummins Technical Women Initiative

The Cummins Technical Women Initiative fosters a diverse and inclusive environment for all technical employees and seeks to inspire future generations of women in STEM fields.

Women are only 20 percent of U.S. engineering undergraduates. In other parts of the world, this number may even be smaller. Cummins is making special efforts and strides to improve gender diversity in the engineering field.

Cummins Powers Women

Building prosperous communities has been part of who we are since our company’s founding. We are proud to continue this legacy with Cummins Powers Women, our most ambitious community initiative ever. An $11 million (and growing) global grant commitment to engineer solutions to gender inequality, the investment supports a range of effective programs, including grassroots teaching and mentoring, financial advancement through entrepreneurship, leadership training and strategic guidance to nonprofit leaders.

In its first two years, Cummins Powers Women has impacted more than 100,000 people and resulted in eight laws or policies promoting gender equality - and we're not stopping there.

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We share your values and value your service

The desire to do good work and make a real difference - you had it in the military and you can have it here, too. We believe that hiring a military veteran is one of the best decisions an organization can make. You’re quick learners, team players, and you know how to lead and serve with passion and pride.


Ready to see how your military experience transfers to a role at Cummins?

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The top reasons veterans choose Cummins and thrive

  • Similar culture and values – leadership, discipline, adaptability to change and a mission-driven focus served you well in the military and will serve you well here too
  • Directly related and transferrable skills and opportunities – go from the most technically advanced military in the world to a global leader that’s developing the technology that powers the world
  • A diversity of people and opportunities
  • Team-focused and collaborative work environment
  • Purpose, pride and promotions – you’ll do meaningful, challenging and engaging work and be recognized and rewarded for your efforts and accomplishments
  • Impact, integrity and ethics – we’re committed to our communities, the environment and doing the right thing
  • Veteran ERGs – connect with other veterans, share your ideas, and promote awareness within our communities and our organization

Strengthened by service

Cummins has proudly pledged to recognize, honor and enforce the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, and to ensure our managers and supervisors have the tools they need to effectively manage team members who serve in the U.S. National Guard and Reserve.

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We're also proud to be included in the 2023 Military Friendly Employers list. The list comprises 240 American companies that have invested in substantive programs to recruit, retain and advance veterans within their organizations.

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Hear from our veterans

At Cummins, we appreciate all that our service members have done for our country, and we consider it our honor to extend meaningful career opportunities to them once they separate. Here’s what some of our veteran employees had to say about Cummins and their careers:

“After my time in the military, I really wanted to be part of a company and environment that shared the same values and actually demonstrated them in the things they do. The Cummins values are not just words on a poster; they actually mean something.”

Jill Weiler
Communications Manager

“Both Cummins and the military require advanced technology to remain best-in-class. Adopting and gaining proficiency in new technologies is both challenging and exciting.”

Matthew Munger
Design Integrator

“In the military, I learned to be flexible, open to growth, and adapt quickly to change. Cummins provides that same type of diversity in your career path. You can be hired in for one position and wind up in a totally different role and department.”

Genevieve Curry
Recruiting Coordination Team Leader

“The Naval Academy taught me that leadership is all about putting others first. And my time and experiences serving as a Navy Diver solidified my passion to serve others in all parts of my life today – not just my teammates at work, but our customers, people in the community and my family.”

Zach Gillen
Executive Director Global Mining Market 

“I had a mentor who understood the value I could bring to Cummins and helped me speak their language. Now, I help other veterans with planning their resumes and communicating why they can make a difference here.”

Matt Weilhamer
Global Security Director

People with disabilities

Disability inclusion

At Cummins, we have a deep-rooted commitment to empowering our employees to reach their full potential by working to ensure a truly diverse, accessible, equitable and inclusive environment. We offer all candidates an integrated balance of challenging professional work experience, exposure to global projects and the opportunity to make an immediate impact. We’re continually focused on finding better ways to run our business that include developing more inclusive experiences and systems to enable people with disabilities to contribute and succeed.

Programs and Initiatives

Cummins’ vision is to become an employer of choice for people with disabilities and to work in communities to reduce barriers to employment for people with disabilities. Recent programs and initiatives include:

  • The formation of a Disability Inclusion Board, including members from key business and functional leadership
  • The addition of an accessibility statement and guidance links to our internal and external websites
  • Developing and implementing plans for accessibility and other diversity-related workplace improvements
  • Joining prominent advocacy organizations including Disability IN, the Business Disability Forum and the Valuable 500
  • Annually observing International Day of Persons with Disabilities with events around the world

Cummins was named a Top-Scoring Company on the 2020 Disability Equality Index® (DEI), a national, transparent benchmarking tool that offers businesses an opportunity to self-report their disability inclusion policies and practices. Additionally, we were named as a 2021 Best Employer for Disability. 

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Focused on the future

Going forward, our work will be focused on improving technology and web accessibility, designing and implementing a global workplace adjustments system, and supporting site-specific disability inclusion efforts. Employees are also encouraged to join the Cummins Disability Inclusion ERG, whose mission is "to enhance Cummins’ inclusive culture environment by promoting the value of the diversity brought to our organization by people with disabilities."

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At Cummins, we work to make all of our LGBTQ+ employees feel safe, welcomed and respected across 11 nations and more than 55 different sites.





  • PUNE




We have a history of standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. Our leaders championed the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. We stood up against Apartheid in the 1980s and in 2000 Cummins began offering domestic partner benefits, despite opposition. Simply put, Cummins strives to ensure all individuals are treated with dignity and respect.


  • No mention of LGBTQ+ in company policies


  • Added “sexual orientation” to Treatment of Each Other at Work policy


  • Introduced domestic partner benefits and made public statements about them


  • Formed LGBTQ+ Affinity Group 
  • Added “gender identity and/or expression” to Treatment Policy 


  • Added transgender guidelines and benefits 
  • Addressed Indiana House of Representatives in opposition to marriage inequality bill 
  • Involvement in Federal legislation


  • Addressed Indiana Senate in opposition to marriage inequality bill 


  • Opposed Minnesota marriage inequality constitutional amendment


  • Signed amicus brief to Supreme Court to strike down bans on same-sex marriage 
  • Opposed Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act 
  • Achieved 100% on Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality Index for the 10th time 
  • Launched voluntary LGBTQ+ Self-Identification initiative 
  • Supported formation of Indiana Compete


  • Continued to achieve 100% on Corporate Equality Index 
  • Participated in OSTEM, an LGBTQ+ conference 


  • For the 13th year, achieved perfect score for the 2018 Corporate Equality Index by the HRC Pride
  • ERG received the Chairman’s Impact Award, one of our most dignified internal awards, for our execution of LGBTQ+ Safe Leader Training 
  • Participated in O4U – Engineering, an LGBTQ+ conference


  • Received BEQ Pride LGBTQ Corporate Eminence Award


  • Formation of our PRIDE Ally employee resource group


Our Pride ERG chapters champion LGBTQ+ causes, initiatives, awareness, employees, partners and allies across the globe, including sites in North and South America, Europe, India and Australia. Pride chapters organize several internal events throughout the year, such as LGBTQ+ Safe Leader Training, lunch and learn sessions, and numerous community events to celebrate LGBTQ+ diversity. At Cummins, our LGBTQ+ employees can be assured they are working in an environment where it is safe to be themselves.


The Pride Ally Program is a collaborative effort between the Pride ERG and the Leading Inclusion for Technical Program. The goals are to increase visible support for LGBTQ+ employees, create a safer environment and engage people who want to help make a difference. An ally is someone who takes action to support members of an underrepresented group, even though they are not a member of the group.


Cummins ERGs

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Cummins are open to all employees and organized by different facets of diversity such as gender, generation, sexual orientation, racial and ethnic heritage, and disabilities. These are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve as a resource for members and the company by helping to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with Cummins’ mission, vision and values.

With more than 150 ERGs worldwide, these groups provide ample opportunities for leadership training, cross-cultural learning and professional development. Established groups include Cummins Black Network, Women’s Empowerment Resource Group, Disability Inclusion Resource Group, Cummins Young Professionals, Grupo Organizado de Afinidad Latina, and our Millennial ERG.




Mentoring Circles

Our Women's Empowerment Network established mentoring circles that matched female employees with less than two years of experience with women leaders to discuss career development.

employee talking on phone

Multi-Lingual Opportunities

Our East Asian ERG sponsored lessons in Chinese language and culture.

employee standing in front of bus

Safe Training

Our PRIDE ERG developed Safe Leader Training and continues to deliver training around the world.



NSBE supports and promotes the aspirations of collegiate and precollegiate students and technical professionals in engineering and technology. NSBE’s mission is "to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community." Cummins and NSBE established our growing partnership in 2006.


Danielle, a member of Cummins' Engineering Development Program, discusses how NSBE contributed to her professional development at Cummins.


Hear more from our team in this video


The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers empowers the Hispanic community to embrace STEM awareness, access, support, and development. Cummins partners with SHPE to foster diversity and inclusion in our communities.


Hear from Ilio on how mentoring and development at SHPE led him to a career with Cummins.


Hear more from our team in this video


Great Minds in STEM is the gateway for Hispanics in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Established in 1989, as HENAAC, Great Minds in STEM™ focuses on STEM educational awareness programs for students from kindergarten to career. Cummins has been partnering with Great Minds in STEM for nearly a decade.


Hear from Silvana on how HENAAC led her to a career she is passionate about at Cummins.


Hear more from our team in this video


Cummins has been partnering with the Society of Women Engineers since 2005, offering SWE candidates an integrated balance of challenging professional work experience, work-life balance, exposure to global projects and the opportunity to make an immediate impact. Candidates can begin their careers in many different internships and full-time opportunities in our locations across the US and around the world.


Hear from Joan on how she found a fulfilling, exciting technical career at Cummins.


Hear more from our team in this video


We have a proud history of standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity - and that tradition continues today.
Here are some of our most recent recognitions and awards for diversity, equity and inclusion.



Awarded a perfect Corporate Equality Index score by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. civil rights organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees. 




Awarded a perfect Corporate Equality Index score by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. civil rights organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.


Top 70 Companies for Executive Women by the CHAMPION OF DIVERSITY National Association for Female Executives.


One of America’s Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, recognizing companies with world-class supplier diversity programs.




Bestowed with the Roosevelt Thomas Champion of Diversity Award given by the American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity (AAAED) for fostering equal opportunity as well as exhibiting outstanding commitment to diversity. 


Awarded a perfect Corporate Equality Index score by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. civil rights organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.


Recipient of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Chairman’s Award which recognizes NSBE’s most committed partners who show dedication to the group’s mission. 




Awarded a perfect Corporate Equality Index score by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. civil rights organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees. 


Ranked 12th on DiversityInc Magazine’s Top Companies for Diversity list, which included more than 1,000 participating companies: #9 for Top Companies with Supplier Diversity. #7 for Top Companies for Executive Women. #20 for Top Companies for Executive Diversity Councils.





Named a Top 50 Company for Diversity by DiversityInc. Magazine.  #3 Top Companies for Progress. #4 Top Companies for Global Diversity. #3 for Top Companies for Executive Women.


Awarded a perfect Corporate Equality Index score by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. civil rights organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees. 


Named a Military Friendly® Employer by Victory Media Association.




Awarded a perfect Corporate Equality Index score by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. civil rights organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees. 


Recognized as a Top 50 company for Diversity by DiversityInc magazine.


Named a Military Friendly Employer by the publisher of G.I. Jobs and Military Spouse. 

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