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Powering a sustainable future

Cummins is committed to powering a healthier environment, stronger communities, and robust and inclusive economies. Our PLANET 2050 environmental sustainability strategy, and our Destination Zero™ product strategy are driven by decarbonization and circular economic principles that promote economic growth while using fewer of the world's resources.

Sustainability — by the Numbers

0 % 2021 reduction in GHGs from Cummins facilities compared to a 2018 baseline

0 M People served in 2021 by Cummins’ community giving

0 M Women and girls positively impacted by law and policy changes from Cummins Powers Women since its inception in 2018

0 % Percentage of women currently on Cummins Board of Directors 

What is ESG?

Cummins’ ESG performance starts with an expectation for excellence in all environmental, social and corporate governance matters. Cummins is fully aware of the crucial social and environmental factors that present opportunities for better relationships with people and planet, both internally and in the communities the company serves. We aim to be conscientious corporate citizens, committed to serving all of our stakeholders.

Sustainability Report

2021 Sustainability Progress Report

Cummins’ 2021 Sustainability Progress Report includes our first update on the company’s 2030 environmental goals included in PLANET 2050, the company’s environmental sustainability strategy. Readers will also see the impact Destination Zero, Cummins’ strategy for decarbonization, is having across the company. In addition, the progress report includes a special update on how Cummins’ Supply Chain organization is working creatively to overcome transportation and parts challenges.

Download the 2021 sustainability report

Where we’ve been. Where we’re going.

A history of commitment to sustainability

Cummins believes transparency is a key to continuously improving sustainability on the road to zero emissions. Cummins sustainability reports available to the public offer a look at progress over the past two decades.

Explore all Sustainability reports
professionals gather to collaborate

Human Capital Management

Creating great work environments

Cummins strives to create dynamic work environments to attract, develop and retain the workforce it needs to succeed. In April 2022, the company released its first Human Capital Management Report detailing Cummins’ strategy to accomplish that goal. The 2022 report also includes key workforce metrics and the company’s response to calls for racial equity in the U.S. and more flexible and remote work arrangements globally.

Sustainability and Innovation


Powering the Future

Technology drives Cummins sustainability

Innovation begins with data either captured with digital technology or through the simple exchange of ideas between people committed to sustainability. Discover our podcasts, webinars and innovation across Cummins

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