Genuine Holset® Reman™ Turbochargers

Genuine Holset® Reman™ vs Will-Fit Turbos

Just because a turbocharger fits, it does not mean it's good enough to replace a machine as complex as the Genuine Holset turbocharger. You never know what you may get with non-genuine products. Make the smart choice. Choose Genuine Holset products through authorized Holset distributors and have peace of mind, knowing your equipment will operate reliably.

Customer Solution

• A cost-effective solution remanufactured according to Original Equipment (OE) specifications, using only genuine Holset parts

• Unknown reliability and a risk not worth taking

Product Quality

• Factory disassembled, cleaned, restored and tested to meet OE specifications

• Made to fit using components that may not meet Holset standards

Genuine Holset Parts

• Yes

• No


• Immediate

• Varies

Performance and Safety Verification

• Yes

• No

Cost Benefits

• Up to 30% low initial cost than Genuine Holset New


• Short-term savings with a risk of long-term and/or safety failures

Core Return

• Required

• Varies

Environmental Considerations

• Cummins remanufacturing business reduces greenhouse gas by up to 200 million pounds annually

• Avoids sending pounds of dirty core to landfills or scrap yards

• Remanufacturing uses energy efficient process

• Varying/unknown environmental practices


• Holset Standard Warranty


• Not covered by Holset


Genuine Holset Reman: The Remanufacturing Process

Genuine Holset Reman Turbochargers follow a rigorous process to ensure every part is examined, cleaned, tested and restored to meet Holset Original Equipment specifications. The following steps describe the measures Holset takes to remanufacture Genuine Holset Reman Turbochargers, creating a product comparable to a Holset Genuine New Turbocharger.

  • Core Acceptance

    Step 1: Core Acceptance

    A great benefit of Holset remanufacturing is you can get a lower priced Holset turbocharger by simply trading in your worn-out turbo and have a quick external visual inspection done.

  • Disassembly

    Step 2: Disassembly

    Holset turbochargers and parts are completely disassembled to prepare key components for processing – right down to the last screw, nut, bolt and spring. Our factory technicians follow standard quality processes to ensure we only remanufacture the highest quality turbochargers and components.

  • Cleaning

    Step 3: Cleaning

    Resilient and hardworking Holset turbochargers go through extreme environments. That’s why once disassembled into individual components, each part is carefully cleaned to remove any dirt and debris.

  • Inspection

    Step 4: Inspection

    Critical processes to verify the parts are ready for restoration are done at this stage.

    • Checks for microscopic damage at the housing, compressor, turbine wheels and rotating assembly

    • Balance of the wheels and rotating assemblies to Holset OEM specifications

  • Restoration

    Step 5: Restoration

    We use a variety of techniques and equipment to ensure every part that goes into a Genuine Holset turbocharger meets Holset OE specifications and improved standards of performance.

    • Computer-controlled lathes, machining centers, and honing and grinding equipment renew worn surfaces to OE standard

    • Upgrades or supersessions to components are included as part of the Holset remanufacturing process

    • Our state-of-the-art techniques and highly trained workforce provide measurable quality results

    • Turbochargers are assembled in a clean environment, certified by TS16949 & ISO 9001 to minimize foreign object debris

    • Critical wear parts such as seals, thrust plates, bearings and fasteners are always replaced

  • Testing

    Step 6: Testing

    Holset validation testing employs fail-safe processes to verify that performance and reliability of the finished remanufactured turbochargers meet Holset and OE original factory standards.

    Critical parts such as bore and shaft straightness are measured with tolerances as narrow as 1 micron, which is smaller than a strand of hair. This produces a remanufactured product that’s of superior quality at a fraction of the cost.

  • Reintroduction

    Step 7: Reintroduction

    Once the remanufacturing process is complete, Genuine Holset Reman Turbochargers are ready to be reintroduced to the field, where the true test of quality is performed. That’s why Holset conducts extensive testing of our products – and our competitors' – verifying superior performance and value for your money.

Genuine Holset Reman: The Smart Choice

When Should You Use Genuine Holset Reman Turbochargers?

  • You experience increased fuel consumption, poor turbo response and reduced engine performance
  • You see heavy smoke from your exhaust when you rev your engine
  • You hear noise or vibration from your turbocharger
  • You’re doing an extensive repair, overhaul or rebuild
  • You need to avoid downtime
  • You value OE standard quality and warranty
  • You’re looking for lower total cost of ownership
  • You love your equipment

What are the Benefits?

  • Initial cost savings of up to 30% compared to new Genuine Holset Turbochargers
  • 100% replacement of critical wear components with detailed inspection
  • Operates reliably and efficiently
  • Tested to perform to OE specifications and safety requirements
  • Latest component upgrades where applicable
  • Environmentally friendly option
  • Same warranty as Genuine Holset new
  • Reduces the overall downtime of your equipment

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