The Diesel Engine

Rudolf Diesel built his first well-known prototype of the high-compression engine in 1897. Since that time, the diesel engine has evolved into one of the world’s most capable and reliable forms of power generation.

In diesel engines, internal combustion results in expansion of high-temperature, high-pressure gases, which in turn move pistons, transforming chemical energy into mechanical energy.

In 1919, Clessie Lyle Cummins founded Cummins Engine Company to improve diesel technology and produce the world’s finest engines. His vision launched a company that today is a global leader, producing diesel engines for applications ranging from heavy-duty trucks and consumer pickups to industrial mining and oil drilling.

Diesel Engine Components

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Diesel Engine Technology

To operate effectively and safely, the engine must continuously deliver air, fuel and lubrication to the cylinders. In addition, engine emissions, created as by-products of combustion, must be treated to meet global environmental standards.

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Today's Cummins Diesel Engines

Cummins diesel engines are the most powerful and reliable engines on the road, on the water and at the worksite. Ranging from 2.8 to 95 liters of displacement, our diverse engine lineup allows customers around the globe to leverage the perfect Cummins engine for their specific needs. For dependability and performance, you just can't beat a Cummins engine.

Find Your Perfect Cummins Engine
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