Microgrid power solutions

Cummins' sophisticated technologies are designed to support integrated microgrid solutions around the world, from off-grid and remote locations to urban and life-saving applications. Our solutions fully integrate all components of a microgrid, including diesel and natural gas generator sets, hydrogen technologies, renewable energy sources, battery storage systems, system level controls, transfer switches, and remote monitoring capabilities.

What is a microgrid?

Cummins HSK78 Generator

Gas and diesel generator sets for microgrids

Our range of diesel and natural gas generators are suited for all microgrid power generation requirements, ranging from 15 - 3,750 kVA.

Cummins MGC300 control panel

Microgrid system controllers

Advanced Microgrid Controls support multiple configurations and design implementation solutions to adapt to your evolving microgrid requirements. With a single interface, this control supports a truly integrated microgrid power system.

PowerCommand Cloud™ on a laptop and mobile phone.

Remote monitoring capabilities

PowerCommand Cloud™, a fully integrated cloud-based system, allows you to check your system status, identify faults or access critical notifications remotely. Build trend data over time to optimize resources, balance loads and make informed decisions about your microgrid to optimize operations.


Innovations for a greener future

Our Power Integration Center (PIC) is a microgrid lab dedicated to the configuration, testing, and validation of microgrid power systems. Built by Cummins leading engineers and microgrid advisors, the PIC is a collaborative space where customers can make informed decisions on optimized microgrid solutions that best support their sustainability journey.

A man in safety equipment inspects a fuel cell.

New Power Technologies

Cummins offers the most advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology, delivering uninterrupted continuous, on-demand or standby power supply.

When generating cleaner, renewable hydrogen, Cummins' electrolyzers deliver high-purity hydrogen with secure, simple operations, low maintenance and worldwide support from installation to start-up.

We also work with third-party providers as needed to incorporate battery storage and solar photovoltaic equipment. Cummins continues to invest in future technologies and products to meet emissions requirements around the world, supporting the push for decarbonization.

For the best microgrid designs, partner with Cummins:

We’re more than a provider - we are proud to be your partner. From project design to service and support, we’re right alongside you.

Contact one of our microgrid teams today so we can learn more about your project and discuss pricing and options.

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