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The challenges mining presents are as varied as the locations and extremes in which you operate. We provide the power to innovate, to drive sustainability up and costs down. This is the power of Cummins mining.

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Our global service and support network means that wherever you are, we are.

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Raise production, crush costs

Power Like No Other

Our most powerful engine yet. The QSK95 allows for a lower cost of production, but not performance.

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Serious Power for Serious Operations

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Evolution. Continuous improvement. These are the forces that have shaped the QSK78 Tier 4. We’ve taken the QSK78 to new levels with a whole suite of smart design and technology upgrades. That means stronger capabilities and an even more robust design.

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You know how much you depend on your excavators, haul trucks and wheel loaders – because you know how much it hurts when they let you down. That’s where the uptime and productivity of the QSK60 is a game-changer. The QSK60 is designed for better fuel economy, lower emissions, and lower operating costs, and its reliability and durability are tested and proven in mines worldwide, with no loss of power or torque. The QSK60 – power, with responsibility.

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Big engines power your operations.

It's time for big data to optimize them.



Every moment of every day, PrevenTech® evaluates the performance of every connected engine and securely transmits the insights, advising on problems, both urgent and the ones coming down the track.

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PrevenTech in Action

PrevenTech® has opened the doors for you to identify risks to your operations and help us tailor solutions specific to your mine.

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