On-Highway Products

Cummins develops industry-leading aftertreatment technology designed to meet our customers’ needs for performance and reliability, while optimizing fuel economy and cost savings. CES helps customers meet tomorrow’s emission standards today with innovative, flexible and integrated technology for light –medium-, heavy-duty and high-horsepower commercial on- and off-highway markets.


Emission regulation supported: 

  • Pre-EPA10: ISB, ISM, ISL, ISC, ISX
  • EPA10 - EPA16: ISB, ISL, ISX
  • EPA17+: B6.7, L9, X12, X15

On-Highway Product Roadmap

  • 2007 - DPF Aftertreatment Introduced
  • 2010 - Added SCR & Bosch Dosing System
  • 2013 - Product Optimization, NH3 Sensor & OBD
  • 2015 - Removed NH3 Sensor
  • 2016 - Added PM Sensor & UQS
  • 2017 - Single Module & UL2 Dosing SystemCummins On-Highway Product Roadmap.JPG

On-Highway Aftertreatment and Engine Pairing

On-Highway Aftertreatment and Engine Pairings.JPG

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