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Planet 2050

Cummins' next generation environmental sustainability strategy looks out to 2050, setting quantifiable goals for 2030 along with visionary longer-term aspirations to 2050. The audacious and exciting strategy affects Cummins and our stakeholders positively.

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Our 2030 Goals

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  • Reduce absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from facilities and operations by 50%.
  • Reduce scope 3 absolute lifetime GHG emissions from newly sold products by 25%.
  • Partner with customers to reduce scope 3 GHG emissions from products in the field by 55 million metric tons.
  • Reduce volatile organic compounds emissions from paint and coating operations by 50%.
  • Create a circular lifecycle plan for every part to use less, use better, use again.
  • Generate 25% less waste in facilities and operations as percent of revenue.
  • Reuse or responsibly recycle 100% of packaging plastics and eliminate single-use plastics in dining facilities, employee amenities and events.
  • Reduce absolute water consumption in facilities and operations by 30%.

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