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Cummins' Positions on Key Issues

Cummins has a long history of advocacy on issues that affect our stakeholders and our business. Our positions and efforts on several current issues are highlighted here.


Climate Change

Climate change is real. As a global power leader, we are focused on developing and offering technologies that are better for our customers, the environment and our communities. Cummins is investing significantly in technology solutions including cleaner and more efficient natural gas and advanced diesel engines, hybrid, battery electric, and fuel cell electric powertrains. We will continue to engage with regulators to bring efficient, reliable, and cost-effective power to our customers and to advocate for the regulations and complementary policy measures needed to achieve environmental improvements. These include tough, clear and enforceable regulations for NOx, PM and GHG emissions, policies to address economy-wide decarbonization like a carbon price, and investment in decarbonized infrastructure, research and development, and technology deployment. Cummins works to align its direct and indirect engagement activities with the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Cummins strives to create inclusive environments in our communities and workplaces where employees feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. We have a long history of speaking out and supporting diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. We believe a diverse workforce fuels innovation and makes our company stronger and our communities more vibrant. 

Equity for Black People
Cummins is committed to pursuing efforts to promote racial equity in the communities where we live and work. Our Cummins Advocating for Racial Equity (CARE) initiative focuses our advocacy efforts toward actionable change for the betterment of Black Americans and other minority groups in our communities and across our company. 

Global Disability Inclusion
People with disabilities comprise approximately 15% of the global population (roughly 1 billion people) and are two to three times less likely to be employed than their peers without disabilities. Cummins Disability Inclusion Initiative is global, encompasses all dimensions of disabilities (visible and non-visible, permanent and temporary, congenital and acquired), is intentionally focused on employment, working inside of Cummins and in our communities.

Global Gender Representation and Equity
Cummins Powers Women is the company’s initiative to engineer solutions to gender inequality in our communities by partnering with global non-profits to accelerate the advancement of women and girls, reinforcing Cummins’ internal commitment to the prosperity of women around the world. This includes addressing the gender pay gap and maternal employment.

LGBTQ+ Rights
Cummins first added “sexual orientation” to its Treatment of Each Other at Work policy in 1998 and introduced domestic partner benefits in 2000. Since that time, the company has continued to publicly support and lobby for LGBTQ+ community at all levels of government. Formed in 2005, Cummins’ Pride Employee Resource Group fosters a safe, equal and inclusive environment to support and empower LGBTQ+ individuals.

Cummins supports free and fair trade and advocates for policies that open markets, strengthens economies and communities by providing consumers access to goods at fair prices from all over the world. Cummins employs more than 58,000 people globally, and for our employees and our communities, international trade has been the single most important contributor to growth and hiring at Cummins for nearly two decades. When Cummins is growing globally, we are creating good jobs across the United States. 

Caring for our employees means dedication to providing the safest and healthiest workplace we can. Through partnerships with professional organizations like the National Safety Council and The Campbell Institute, we advocate for safer and healthier workplaces globally. Together with other global organizations, we share practices and work towards solutions to overcome health and safety challenges.  

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