Power with Purpose

Purpose is the engine of progress. Nothing challenging, important or worthwhile is ever achieved without purpose. It’s purpose that is driving us to pioneer the power technologies that will help us to sustainably power a more prosperous world. For everyone.

Always innovating

0 million connected engines worldwide

0 patents focused on efficiency and carbon-reducing technologies in 2022

0 billion dollars in annual innovation investment

0 gigatons is our carbon avoidance goal

Here's why I believe in Power with Purpose

Purpose, People and Impact

"Cummins powers some of the world's most demanding and economically-vital applications and we play a critical role in the broader transition to a clean economy. We have a unique opportunity to do something no one else can do: help our diverse end customers succeed as the energy transition happens because of our broad portfolio of power solutions, global service, expertise, and understanding and ability to optimize performance of our customers’ applications and lessen our impact on the planet. This is an incredible opportunity and powerful purpose."

- Jennifer Rumsey, President and CEO

Destination Zero

The future demands fresh thinking

We know why. We also know how. Destination Zero is the strategy that maps our journey to be a zero-carbon business by 2050. It’s at the heart of our mission to sustainably power a more prosperous world by helping customers succeed through technology

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The Great Energy Transition

In partnership with Intelligence Squared, we brought together the scientists, business executives, policymakers and more at the forefront of the energy transition. Cummins leaders discussed the measures being taken to ensure a dramatic reduction in emissions by 2030, the technological innovations that will help us get to net zero by 2050, and the crucial role corporations must play in tackling climate change.


What is happening between now and 2030 to achieve net zero?

Jonathan Wood, Cummins Vice President of New Power engineering, speaks about the Cummins Destination Zero strategy and the company's transition to a sustainable power technology company.

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What needs to happen between 2030 and 2050 to reach net zero?

Srikanth Padmanabhan, Cummins Vice President & President of the Engine segment, shares what needs to happen now to accomplish net zero by 2050.

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What is the role of corporations in the energy transition?

Jennifer Rumsey, Cummins President and CEO, discusses the unique position of corporations in the fight against climate change.

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Power with Purpose in action


Renewable natural gas

We're making renewable natural gas work for our engines, our customers and our planet.

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Fuel for your decarbonization journey

Our engines allow alternative fuels to power a range of products. Learn about the pros and cons of different fuels.

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Hydrogen engines' role in environmental sustainability

Switching to vehicles with hydrogen engines can provide a range of benefits in numerous applications.

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