When meeting schedules is everything, our remote engine monitoring ensures that nothing will compromise the integrity of your rail operation. Stay ahead of the curve by foreseeing issues earlier, maximizing availability, and taking safety to new levels.

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Big data. Huge benefits.

Want control like you’ve never experienced before? Using connectivity, PrevenTech reads engine data and tracks urgent problems 24/7, transmitting recommendations for actions and servicing (via 4G or WiFi).

rail yard shown from above

Increase availability

Reduce catastrophic failures and extend engine life

See the status of your equipment in real-time, helping you plan and optimize uptime.

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Improve reliability

Helping operators avoid costly performance penalties

PrevenTech’s ‘time-to-act’ recommendations improve confidence in reducing scheduling disruptions and facilitating more dynamic equipment deployment.

train shown moving on tracks towards the camera

Enhance efficiency

Keep your equipment on track for longer

PrevenTech’s real-time monitoring enables en-route triage and decreases the need for time-consuming field service dispatches. And with equipment health information digitally centralized through an intuitive Customer Dashboard, it’s now quicker and easier to identify the equipment which needs attention. 

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