Preventative technology at its best

Real-time remote monitoring and advanced analytics help avoid unplanned downtime, reduce costs and give you peace of mind.

Turn insights into uptime

We know your power

Trust genuine Cummins expertise to monitor your equipment’s health remotely from anywhere.

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Stay one step ahead

Avoid costly unplanned repairs through better planned maintenance.


Big decisions need big data

PrevenTech algorithms leverage data from over 100 years of engineering, the industry’s largest service network, and more than 1M engines connected worldwide.

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Prognostics for future events

Even before a fault is triggered, PrevenTech identifies performance abnormalities and helps you develop a smarter maintenance plan.

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We'll stay up, so you don't have to

Assisted global remote monitoring from live agents at Cummins Care delivers 24/7/365 peace-of-mind.

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Industry-specific expertise

PrevenTech offers integrated applications for mixed fleets across multiple vertical operations.

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We're connecting the dots

FiberRed is Cummins’ digital technology platform working for you to deliver better insights and better outcomes.

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