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Cummins ReCon engines and parts

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What is Cummins ReCon?

New Cummins engines are built with remanufacturing in mind, enabling them to have a long and fuel-efficient life. Up to 85 percent of an engine can be remanufactured, and Cummins engines are built to be remanufactured multiple times.

Cummins ReCon parts and engines have gone through disassembly, inspection, cleaning, calibration and testing to ensure they meet the same specifications as new Cummins parts or engines.

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0 M cumulative reduction since 2014 in metric tons of carbon dioxide from Cummins products in-use.

0 + Cummins New Power employees working on low- and no- carbon technologies in 2020

0 % reduction in Cummins' annual water use between 2014 and 2020

0 % record recycling rate set by company in 2020

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