A Track Record
Of Innovation

For over 100 years, Cummins has been delivering leading power technology. From advanced diesel and natural gas to the latest hybrid, battery electric, and fuel cell options, our solutions push the limits of what’s possible with innovations that can advance our world now and for decades to come.

Battery Electric Systems.

Battery Electric Systems

Cummins cutting-edge battery electric technology has been developed to meet the same standards as our traditional power technology. From energy storage to control software, all of our battery electric solutions are put to the test. This holds true from initial design to lab validation and finally to field use. Systems integration is critical to the success of the technology—you can expect superior performance and reliability from every configuration.

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Fuel Cells.

Fuel Cells

Cummins hydrogen fuel cell technology is rooted in years of research, development, and strategic partnerships. We’re investing in two primary types of fuel cells, Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC). Our goal is to provide seamless start-to-finish solutions to our customers across industries.

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Hydrogen Production.

Hydrogen Production

Our PEM electrolyzers are among the most efficient available, capable of producing greener, renewable hydrogen. We also offer alkaline electrolyzers for proven performance and reliability for smaller-scale hydrogen output. We’re continuing to expand our electrolyzer technology to enable the adoption of hydrogen power across industries—and to fuel the emerging hydrogen economy. 

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We’re always developing new solutions and applications for low-carbon energy. Get in touch to find out how Cummins can help.

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