Transfer Switches

Your Strongest Link to Reliable Power: Cummins Transfer Switches

Cummins Power Generation offers a wide range of transfer switches and bypass isolations for reliable transfer of power between power sources in any application, from home, to commercial, to mission critical.



As part of Cummins integrated power system solutions, our transfer switches (automatic and non-automatic) rely on proven technology to deliver fail-safe performance in critical applications. All our transfer switches are engineered with flexibility and ease-of-operation in mind. And, when paired with Cummins generator sets (switchgear and paralleling controls) our robust power system capabilities ensure reliable performance while maximizing cost effectiveness.


Standard switches are available from 40 to 4,000 amps for the entire range of low voltage applications and custom-engineered switches are available to fit unique project requirements.

Features and capabilities include: 

  • Withstand and closing ratings up to 200 kA 
  • Short-time ratings up to 150 kA 
  • Sophisticated PowerCommand® Controls  
  • Network communication and remote monitoring capability 
  • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities with event logging, enhanced fault codes, alert lists, power event history, and source statistics. 
  • Statistics enhances diagnostic capability 
  • Automatic, non-automatic, non-service and service entrance configurations 
  • Bypass isolation and service entrance configurations 
  • Open or closed transition 
  • Global agency approvals, including UL 1008, IEC, CSA, NFPA, IEEE, IBC, CBC/OSHPD and NEMA ICS 10 

Cummins global distribution channel is the single-source supplier of fully integrated power systems - from generators, paralleling switchgear and automatic transfer switches to local design-build support and service, implementing hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide.


Stay in touch with critical data with the PowerCommand Transfer Switch Remote Annunciator

The PowerCommand Transfer Switch Remote Annunciator allows you to remotely monitor up to eight X-Series transfer switches on one easy-to-read color LCD screen.

At a glance, you will know the transfer switch position, source availability, and whether there are active events or alerts.

An intuitive user interface provides you access to additional information for each transfer switch, including source voltage, frequency, and alert logs and command functions to initiate tests, override transfer timers, and load shed remotely.

  • Market-leading intuitive design
  • Color-coded symbols and icons
  • Tactile feedback buttons
  • Remote monitoring
  • Detailed information and history
  • Remote test, override and shed control
  • Fault and event notification
  • Voltage and frequency metering
  • Hardwire support for one non-X-Series controller


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