Transit Bus

With a full lineup of engines providing 200 to 380 hp, whether natural gas or diesel, Cummins has the solution for your transit authority.

Manufactured at the Rocky Mount Engine Plant in North Carolina, the B6.7, L9, and L9N are Buy America-compliant. All engines are backed by Cummins Care – the largest and most capable service and support network in North America.

The Right Fit for Your Operation

The B6.7 is a great fit for local shuttle bus applications, while the B6.7 Hybrid, L9, and L9 Hybrid are ideally suited for transit applications. For authorities looking at alternative energy, it doesn’t get better than the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) compliant L9N. For customers operating in non-attainment zones, the L9N Near-Zero (NZ) is the Smart choice and is certified to the CARB near-zero standards of .02 g NOx/bhp hr. 

The Right Technology to Get the Job Done

The B6.7 leverages the Single Module Aftertreatment System, providing better thermal management, easier service, and reduced space claim for better Shuttle Bus performance and fuel economy. In transit applications, the steady-state like operation of the B6.7 Hybrid provides continuous power to electric motors, a combination that allows the system to leverage the innovation behind the Single Module Aftertreatment system. 

The L9 will continue to use the proven Modular Aftertreatment Systems due to the severe operating conditions that urban transit buses encounter. The use of the Modular Aftertreatment System provides a larger DPF capacity to provide a higher level of reliability and durability. 

With the use of Natural Gas and Stoichiometric cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation combustion, the L9N allows for the use of a maintenance free Three-Way Catalyst (TWC). This combustion uses the ideal ratio of natural gas and oxygen for the combustion, providing an oxygen free exhaust flow. The Three Way Catalyst, which is similar to catalyst on passenger cars, does not require cleaning or regeneration. 

Unmatched Support

The B6.7, B6.7 Hybrid, L9 and L9N are all backed and supported by the largest sales and support network in North America with over 3500 locations. With new innovative features like Connected Diagnostics, your Cummins-powered transit or shuttle bus instantly provides key data surrounding any type of fault code inducing event to Cummins for immediate analysis. A notification based on the most probable cause is sent instantly to you via email or through the free Connected Diagnostics mobile app, so you know exactly what actions to take. 

If you need to instantly connect with a Cummins expert, 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467) is providing a streamlined service to provide service assistance, warranty or maintenance information, and additional information that you need.

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