Turbo Componentry

Cummins Turbo Technologies excels in the development of turbocharger components, meeting the requirements of diesel engine manufacturers who are looking for ways to reduce emissions while maintaining or improving fuel consumption, power density and reliability. Our extensive engineering & turbo expertise has grown from our humble Holset beginnings.

For more than 60 years, our components designers and engineers have innovated design methodologies. The result for the customer is improved fuel consumption, reduction in overall operating costs, downsized turbochargers and more intelligent actuators. Cummins Turbo Technologies’ components are tested individually, as part of the turbocharger sub-system and again at the full turbocharger level.

Industry-leading component technologies include:

Machined From Solid (MFS) impellers

For high boost temperatures and highly cyclic applications.

Cast-iron compressors covers

For high-temperature applications.

Compressor Map-Width Enhancement (MWE)

Provide wider maps compared to competition.

Command-valve wastegates

Allow wastegate operation at a wider range of engine speeds and loads.

Rotary valve and integrated systems for two-stage systems

Which work together for optimal turbo efficiency.

Water cooled bearing and turbine housings

For gas, marine and high temperature applications.

Electric actuators

With feedback for rapid response, accuracy and provision of self diagnostics.

Axial and radial turbines for power turbines

To suit packaging requirements and optimize turbocompound technology.

Variable Geometry nozzles

Provide thermal management of exhaust after treatment systems, drive Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), provide higher boost at lower turbine speeds, enable engine braking and increases engine performance range.

Integrated, non-intrusive sensor systems

Control speed, performance and wear, even at low speeds.



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