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From your first day at Cummins, we’re focused on understanding your talents, current skills and future goals – and creating a plan to get you there. Your journey begins with planning your development and connecting to diverse experiences designed to stretch your limits. You’ll receive team feedback about your future aspirations and an action plan of challenges to expand your horizons. As your professional skill set flourishes over time, you can change business units, accept special assignments, move into leadership and discover amazing career options all around the world.

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An aligned balance of total rewards.

We recognize that financial compensation is among your priorities, and our base salaries reward you for focusing on results and working smart. As a Cummins employee, you'll participate in a variable compensation program - so as we thrive, so will you. Additional benefits vary between locations and include options such as:

  • 401K Retirement Savings Plan
  • Profit Sharing
  • Medical/Dental/Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Pension Plan
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan

At Cummins, your Rewards package is the sum of advantages and benefits that come from working here and part of what makes our careers so fulfilling. The Cummins Rewards package consists of three components:

  1. Health care and income protection
  2. Wellness and additional resources
  3. Retirement and education


Benefits overview

Benefits and perks listed below may vary depending on the nature of your employment with Cummins and the country where you work.

  • financial wellness


    As a Cummins employee your retirement savings plan / pension plan / superannuation will power your path to retirement and improve your financial future.

  • health and wellness


    Your wellbeing is important to us. You and your family will be cared for through comprehensive health care benefits.



    Whether starting or completing a degree, you will be supported by tuition reimbursement opportunities or full funding.



    You will receive annual merit and profit sharing based on individual and company performance.



    We celebrate diverse perspectives and you will be part of building a more diverse workforce to enhance our competitive position and enrich our culture.



    Your energy and commitment will be recognized through paid vacation and holidays, parental leave, adoption assistance, flexible work environments and more.



    You are empowered to volunteer at least four hours per year on company time, to give back to the communities where you work and live.



    You will learn and grow through training and hands-on experience in an environment that values curiosity and developing talent for the future.



Cummins provides a challenging yet friendly work environment that inspires high-quality results. New hires may choose to apply for one of our Development Programs, which are designed to facilitate your transition into a new working environment and to help promote a healthy work/ personal life balance. Experiential learning, formal training, along with coaching and mentoring by our business leaders, are all designed to help you grow into a key contributor and future leader at Cummins.


The purpose of this 3.5-year rotational development program is to groom the next generation of technical experts and leaders through challenging rotational assignments, technical and business skills training, Six Sigma certification and other development opportunities such as formal mentoring, networking, events with company leaders, etc. Our vision is to provide you with a multi-business, cross-functional, and cross-cultural experience. Participants will develop their skills and strengthen their understanding of Cummins engineering processes.


The Finance Development Program is a two-year program that provides financial and accounting professionals a broad range of experience in planning, forecasting, reporting, financial analysis, audit, plant finance, transaction support and treasury.


Our Manufacturing Development Program is a two-year career development program that offers a balance of real business and real engineering work at corporate and plant sites along with an ongoing training curriculum based on leading industry skills, tools, and methods. Upon completion of our program, you will be well established in business fundamentals, engineering fundamentals, customer-focused operations and applied business and engineering in modern manufacturing systems.


Our Marketing and Sales College Development Program is a two-year career development program with four six-month short-term assignments, offering qualified participants a broad range of marketing and sales experience in multiple Cummins business units.

Sujin has the power to help drive sustainable travel

“Making the world accessible to more people with less of a negative impact makes me feel good about my role.”

Through most of her career, Sujin Wren has worked in the energy industry, with an increasing focus on the sustainable energy sector. As a frequent traveler and having lived in three different countries, Sujin has a personal interest in transportation and knows it's more than just a local environmental consideration.

Stephen joins the frontlines of the fight in the U.K. against COVID-19

“I thought about the thousands of people who would need these medical gases to survive and couldn’t say no to playing my part.”

Before joining Cummins as a telecommunications manager, Stephen worked in health care ensuring that oxygen and other essential gases needed in hospital intensive care units were up to standards. So, when the COVID-19 pandemic escalated in the U.K., Stephen felt compelled to step up and put his prior knowledge and experience to work for the greater good. 

Sharon speaks up, speaks out and takes action

"I am black. I am a mother."

Sharon is Vice President and General Counsel for Cummins Inc., where she is responsible for worldwide legal matters and oversees a team of lawyers, paralegals and other professionals. In reaction to the deaths of George Floyd, Dreasjon Reed, Breonna Taylor and so many others, she authored a powerful and moving response/call to action that appeared in The Indianapolis Recorder.

Samantha finds her fit in IT

"My internship experience was inclusive, diverse, and emphasized teamwork. I thrived in that environment."

While pursuing a liberal arts degree, Samantha didn't see a career in IT on her horizon. This quickly changed when she decided to take a software development class her senior year. Next, she embarked on a Cummins IT internship where she worked on high-impact projects, exposing her to a large network of people. Soon after her internship, she received her official offer letter and didn't hesitate to accept.

Stephen uses his analytical skills to help hospital plan for COVID-19

“I knew that if we were behind the curve when the surge hit our community, it would result in a lot of lost lives.”

Having grown up in western Africa, Stephen is no stranger to the devastation health epidemics can inflict. So, he decided to do something and put the analytic skills he uses at Cummins to work to understand how the virus could impact his local community. In under a week, his model was complete and readily accepted by local hospitals– allowing them to make more informed decisions going forward.


Cummins is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) that will make reasonable accommodation to enable individuals with disabilities to apply and compete for employment opportunities for which they are qualified. To request an accommodation, please email Human Resources at [email protected] for further assistance.

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